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What We Offer.

DigitSign was created by entrepreneurs who understand the needs of digital transformation, who have faced similar challenges, and who have significant knowledge and experience in how to address technology needs of new data driven business.

CTO advise services

We provide C-level technology strategy and consulting services in 4 different areas: Forming Concept, Seed funding, Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Scaling.

The Internet of Things

We created a small but effective IoT lab to experiment with IoT sensor and device development by developing algorithmic solutions using big data, AI and Machine learning. You are more than welcome to come and play.

Prototype and Productization

We are providing end-to-end solution to defined and refined your ideas and take it to market. Our seasoned software product development team can productize your vision, from detailed design to coding and testing.

What We Working On.

We are currently working with some fantastic partners and clients on a number of exciting projects:


ELCIES is a Lifestyle Cloud Platform for Health, Sport and Wellness providers. ELCIES is a Bridge and Facilitator between 3rd Party service providers and each individual user!

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QOOSHA -brandable community Software

QOOSHA is a hosted brandable community platform designed for Business and Online communities to encourage knowledge transfer and increased engagement across existing business networks.


iBeacon – ARIA Project

We are working on very exciting project call “ARIA”. ARIA is a shopping and information assistant (a.k.a Bot) made with iBeacon technology.

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The Perfect Match!

We are experimenting with AI and Machine learning to discover the perfect job applicant by eliminating unconscious bias.  That means not letting algorithms just make judgments exclusively based on a minimum number of years of experience or certain degrees, but finding ways to judge skill, ability, and personality to predict success in a given role.

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WP.CREO transforms all your Digital Content channels to a Single Brandable Native App and personalise your content based on your users interests!

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The coolest sentiment analysis project ever

We are working on something awesome! We are creating a desk size display device to display “the face” that reflects the Real-time social media sentiment result over specific # hashtag or @ handle. It brings online facts and results to your offline space. if your customer are not happy with your services then you will see an angry face front of you.

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DigitSign Featured Project.

“ELCIES Platform”

“ELCIES” project was launched in January 2017. ELCIES is a Dutch start-up with 100K active end-users and operations in 3 countries.

DigitSign has been working with ELCIES since December 2016, having built a development center that consolidates a wide range of expertise – software development, business intelligence development and operations, application support, database administration, infrastructure support – everything is in one place.

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Bottom line.

We are helping companies and entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and their industries for the digital era.

Discover what's possible

We organise a 30 minute chat over coffee and together we discover the possibilities.

Creating A Vision

We help you to form a vision mostly through disruptive thinking and cutting-edge technology.

Having a plan feels good

We define new business models to address new customers, markets and channels.

If you believe in it, Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

DigitSign was founded in 2003 by Shahrzad Bahari and Masoud Ghorbani, under one simple motto: Build your dream or someone will hire you to build theirs! We share a passion for tech, design and a belief that we can and should improve people’s lives through our work.
Shahrzad Bahari
Masoud Ghorbani

Keep up with DigitSign.

This is where we plan to give you updates on DigitSign activities, breaking tech and startup news. Form Machine learning, Algorithms, AI, to Wearable technology and IoT developments.

Startup Partnership Services.

If you are an entrepreneur, then DigitSign is your ideal long term partner in your journey as you build, grow and nurture your startup. DigitSign has 3 full-time CXO level mentors with 50+ years of combined industry experience.

How It Works?